Preparing for Your Adventure

Get the Most from your Ride

Because you bring and use your own UTV on these adventures, it's incredibly important to make sure that both you and your machine are well-prepared to get the absolute most out of your ride and minimize any trail-side repairs.

Preparation falls into a few categories: vehicle preparation/maintenance, vehicle equipment, and personal equipment. These are basic items that you must have to attend a Dempsey Adventure ride.

Vehicle Preparation

Your UTV must be well-maintained with a full prep done prior to our ride. When one vehicle breaks down, we all have to stop and help repair it. You are responsible for the preparation to your vehicle! Should you need assistance with this or simply don't have the time to do, please contact us. We will get your vehicle into our shop prior to the ride to ensure it's in tip-top shape for the ride.

Ensure your machine has undergone the following checks:

- Nut and bolt torque

- Brakes

- Belt / Transmission

- Oil and filter

- Air intake system/filter

- Tires (wear and tear & tire pressure)

Vehicle Equipment Needed

In addition to having a well-maintained UTV, there are some extra bits of equipment that are vital to having the most fun on your Adventure. Below is a list of required equipment. If you do not have any of these items, please reach out and we can discuss alternatives or pricing on getting your rig equipped with them.

UTV Equipment Required:

- Helmets for all passengers

- Communications systems w/ VHF preferred (I.E: Rugged Radios, PCI Race Radios, etc.)

- Navigation System (I.E: Lowrance or hand-held device with OnX Off-Road App)

- Spare tire

- Vehicle jack and tow strap

- Spare fuel canister (recommended)

- Off-road lights (recommended; I.E: KC Lights)

- Basic tool set (recommended)

Extra Items to Bring

Not only does your UTV need to be equipped properly, but so do YOU! The following items may seem like no-brainers, but hey, it never hurts to list it out.

Required Gear


- Spare clothing (don't forget jackets & shoes!)

- Toiletries

- Snacks & Beverages

- Personal Cooler

- Headlamp

Optional Gear

- Dude Wipes or similar cleaning wipes

- Packable chair/stool

- Hammock

- Sunscreen / hats

- Towels / Rags

- Blankets